Compositor v3 and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Several customers have written to asking about issues they’ve encountered with Adobe┬« Photoshop┬« CC 2015. We apologize for the delays in updating this website to describe these issues.

With Photoshop┬« CC 2015, Adobe has dropped support for Extension Manager. You can no longer install extensions into this version of Photoshop (and newer). Instead, you can only install extensions that are purchased through the Adobe Add-On Store. We have not yet made our products available through the Add-On Store, so you’ll have to perform a manual installation to use our products with CC 2015 or newer. The manual installation process involves copying files from the ZIP archive you downloaded when you purchased the product and pasting them into a Photoshop application folder on your computer. Full directions can be found in the User Guides (PDF files accompanying every product download).

After you get moirai Compositor v3 installed with CC 2015, you may encounter some other surprises. On Mac OS X, the software usually works fine. But a few customers have had problems where the preview is completely blank. On Windows, the problem is more severe: most users encounter problems where the preview shows only one image, and the rest of it is blank. If you uncheck the Show full preview box, above the preview pane, you can at least see the relative size and location of elements in the layout.

We have filed bugs with Adobe and hope they get addressed before the next Photoshop update.

If you encounter these problems, one option is to revert to the previous version of Photoshop, CC 2014. If you no longer have the downloaded files for CC 2014, you can get them from here:

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