Updates for CS6

We’ve been working on updates to the Compositor and to Sequence to provide better compatibility with the recently released Photoshop CS6.

The older versions of these scripts do work with CS6. However, they show an annoying warning every time you run them. (The warning suggests that you might encounter issues since the release hadn’t yet been certified on CS6. We felt the warning was prudent given the fact that Adobe broke compatibility between CS5 and CS4.)

The new versions eliminate the nuisance warning. The new Compositor also includes a bug fix that causes layout previews to break when you set your preferences to use “Percent” as the unit for rulers.

With this release we have also radically changed the way we deliver the product to make it easier and faster for users to download their purchase. Previously, we sent emails to customers with the product attached. But now, it’s all automated. When we get notice from PayPal that a payment has cleared, you’ll automatically get an email with credentials to login to our site and download the product(s).

So, to deliver these updates, we’re sending out emails to all of our existing customers that bought Compositor, Sequence, or Encompass. The email will have your login credentials so you can get into the site and download the updates. Enjoy!!

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