v3.1 Patch for Compositor

If you aren’t yet using v3 of the Compositor, what are you waiting for?

If you are already using it, a patch is now available for download. (Use the same link and credentials that you received via email when you purchased the Compositor.)

Here are the changes that are included:

  1. Stable layout: The biggest change that users are likely to notice is this improvement. In our first cut of v3, you could drag the slider and pick a layout that you liked. Great! But then, if you wanted to tweak the order of images, your selection would be lost. Oh no!

    This has been fixed! The layout no longer gets reset when you adjust the order of images. This makes the script even more powerful since it makes it even easier to find and customize the perfect layout.

  2. Cloud Cover install: This mainly benefits new users, since existing users on Photoshop CC already had to install the script using the manual steps. But if you ever need to re-install, get the latest version to do so.

    In previous releases, the Compositor download included MXP extension files. With these, Adobe Extension Manager can install the script, fast and easy. But MXP files only work up through Photoshop CS6. Cloud Cover no longer supports them. So the latest Compositor package includes ZXP extension files, just for Cloud Cover.

  3. Offline license check: When you install the Compositor, it performs a license check to confirm your order before running for the first time. Now the license check can be done, even if your computer isn’t online. You just have to copy codes to and from a computer that is online (like via a USB thumb drive or similar).

    This is also very useful when faced with a broken Photoshop installation, that prevents scripts from connecting to the internet even though the computer is online.

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